Petite Manicure  - 30 mins, $25

Petite GelColor  - 45 mins, $45
Includes the basics without all of the frills: nail trim, shape, cuticle care and polish (no extensive soak, scrub, or massage). Perfect for when you only have a short bit of time.

 Traditional Manicure - 45 mins,  $35
GelColor Manicure - 60 mins,  $55   

Relax a little with a soak, scrub, and massage while we polish your nails to perfection!

 The Businessman’s Man-icure - 30 mins,  $25
Designed specifically for the discerning gentleman, this manicure reshapes the nails,  cleans up the cuticles, and massages moisture back into the hands.

Traditional Pedicure - 60 mins,  $45
Relax with a soak, scrub massage, and towel wraps that will make your feet smile and toes shine!

Deluxe Pedicure  - 1.5 hours,  $60
This includes EVERYTHING and then some! Complete with a scrub, mask, hot or cold stones, paraffin wax, massage, and towel wraps.      

 The Businessman’s Pedicure - 1 hour,  $45 

Designed specifically for men, this custom treatment leaves him looking perfectly groomed and feeling refreshed. 


Express Time - 60 mins,  $55 

This manicure and pedicure combo includes the basics without all of the frills; nail trim, shape, cuticle care, and polish for your feet and hands (no extensive soak, scrub, or massage). Perfect for when you're on the run!

 Relaxation Time - 90 mins, $70
Broken down into a 45 minute manicure and a 45 minute pedicure, this is the perfect treatment to help rejuvenate your tired hands and feet!

 Perfectly Spoiled Time - 2 hours,  $95
Experience full relaxation and perfection for two luxurious hours. This 60 minute Gel manicure and 60 minute pedicure is wonderful for yourself or as a gift!

 Add-On Prices:

Mask - $5

French Tip - $5

  Callus Care - $5 

                                  Gel Top Coat - $5                                 

Hot or Cold Rocks - $5-10

 Paraffin - $10

Tradition Polish Change (no charge with additional service) - $10

GelColor Removal (no charge with additional service) - $15      







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