Aromatherapy Massage

30 mins, $40  60 mins, $65  90 mins, $95

This has been with us as early as 1800BC. It is the use of essential oils found in herb plants, flowers, fruits and trees. Each essential oil has several properties and therefore can be used for a wide range of conditions. With the combination of a specialized massage technique, this can promote healing and restore body, mind and spirit to a state of balance.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 mins, $45  60 mins, $70

This is encouraged for people with specific problems or areas in muscle groups that need more attention.  Pressure points are triggered using deep pressure. Other treatments that can be incorporated include lymphatic drainage and trigger point massage.

Remedial Massage

30 mins, $35  60 mins, $60  90 mins, $95

Helps increase blood and lymphatic flow and promotes a sense of well being. This relaxing massage can improve muscle tone ad skin texture. Our most popular Massage.

Stone Therapy

30 mins, $40  60 mins, $65  90 mins, $95

This bodywork uses “thermotherapy”, the application of heated and cooled stones.  It is not only a great body-mind-soul treatment, but also an excellent relief for stiff/sore muscles, sinus congestion and circulation to name a few. Truly a wonderful experience.

Reflexology Massage

60 mins, $65

This is a specific relaxing treatment on the feet. Steady, even pressure is applied to reflex zones found on the feet, which relate to organs in the body. It produces dynamic healing and relaxation in all parts of the body. It helps relieve stress, eliminates toxin, and boosts the immune system. 

Indian Head Massage

45 mins, $60 (15 mins may be added to any treatment for $15

This treatment is especially delightful for relieving stress, fatigue, insomnia and headaches.  It is deeply calming and relaxing as we use a custom blend of essential oils mixed with a warm base of Frangipani or Marrakesh oil. We slowly massage the oils not only on your scalp, but down to the very ends of your hair as this is wonderful hair care. Then we wrap a hot towel around your head to let it soak. Ahh, bliss!!! This is a Skin Fitness favorite! 


Back Treatment

60 mins, $75

A Skin Fitness favorite for anyone. This relaxing treatment begins with a deep cleansing of the back to remove excess oil and debris with the aid of extractions. Exfoliation is done with mineral salts to polish away dullness. A deep masque is applied with paraffin wax covering the masque to hydrate the skin. This ends with a back and shoulder massage to leave you relaxed and radiant. 

Body Polish Treatment

70 mins, $85 (add an hour massage for $130)

A full body customized polish treatment using scrubs to suit your skins exact needs.  This also includes a body hydrating drench o leave your skin silky and smooth.

Enzymatic Body Detoxifying Treatment

70 mins, $95 (add hour massage for $145)

Discover the benefits of sea mud with this treatment. A  full pack is applied and while you relax with it on, a foot massage is performed. This is all followed by, a moisturizing lotion to lock in the therapeutic properties. A treatment worth experiencing. 

Custom European Facial

60 mins, $78

This classic treatment includes a skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation to reveal smooth glowing skin, extractions if needed, a custom masque suite for your needs and a face, neck and shoulder massage.

Purifying Skin Fitness Facial

75 mins, $85

This facial is the answer for clogged, congested or acne prone skin. A deep treatment to help current and future breakouts is applied followed by a purifying mask to calm and balance the skin. Hand & shoulder massage included.

Rejuvenating Facial 

75 mins, $85

The perfect facial to, revitalize your tired or dehydrated skin. This will lift and tone your facial muscles and increase cellular reproduction. An eye treatment is included to help with fine lines and wrinkles. A multivitamin mask is used to give a firmer more radiant skin tone. Ending with a hand & shoulder massage.

 Skin Fitness Signature Facial

90 mins, $115

This is our most popular treatment. The finest ingredients are used. This is designed to meet the special needs of your skin. It includes intense cleansing, deep exfoliation and a customized serum & mask to your face and décolleté area.  A “head 2 toe” pamper as this includes a scalp, shoulder, hand & foot massage.

Gentleman's Facial

60 mins, $78

Men also need to take care of their skin to prevent premature aging and skin conditions. This facial includes intense cleansing, deep exfoliation and a customized mask to your face.  It will help to prevent ingrown hairs. This includes a scalp and shoulder massage.

Teen Facial

60 mins, $55

Specifically designed to target the needs of young skin. Effective products are used for any problem condition. Extractions are preformed to remove impurities or blockage from pores. A consultation will be provided to compliment a home regimen. We are never too young to start caring for our skin.
Add a teen make-up consult $35+


45 mins, $50

A custom peel to suit your targeted skin care needs.  A great treatment for lackluster skin or, a deep exfoliation to take your skin to the next level.  Peels are also designed for problem skin.  A masque follows the peel with toning and moisturizing.



Skin FItness Spa Special

2hrs 30mins, $190

This is our most popular Gift Certificate treatment. This is a European facial combined with a luxurious back treatment as well as a lip and eye treatment. This pampering session ends with a hand&feet scrub, masque, paraffin application and massage. 

Deluxe Special

2hrs, $135

A Deluxe Facial is performed followed with a 30 minute upper body Aromatherapy Massage. This package also includes an eye & lip target treatment. A client favorite!

Express Special

1hr, $75

Give yourself the quick pick-me-up you deserve! A 45 minute express Facial with a choice of a 15 minute Scalp or Hand&Feet sugar scrub with massage.

Relaxed & Ready Special

2hrs $135

PERFECT for date night! A 60 minute Facial with full Make-up application.You’ll be glowing inside and out.

It's essential to us at Skin Fitness to keep our clients looking, and feeling great! 
Our mission is to deliver an exceptional spa experience in a relaxed, and friendly environment. In order to achieve our goal, we provide our clients with unique treatments, products, and classes that promote health, beauty, and well-being.  Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience today; you deserve it! ·        

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